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Jeff Wynne learned Film at Boston University's College of Communication and began his career in commercial production. He served on the production staff at United Artists Pictures and MGM Pictures under the Sr. V.P. of Production helping supervise physical production of 30+ features before moving on to individual film staffs, including "Rain Man", "James Bond's License To Kill", "Last of the Mohicans" and “The Opposite of Sex”.  From production he transitioned into screenwriting.

His original TV Movies for the Family Channel include the political thriller “Loyal Opposition” starring Joan Van Ark and the adventure thriller “Storm Chasers” starring Kelly McGillis, on which he was also an Associate Producer.  His animation writing on the Playhouse Disney Emmy-nominated series “Handy Manny” won an Environmental Media Award for his episode “The Earth Day Challenge” and he wrote for Nickelodean “Rugrats” in their Emmy-winning season as well as the animated adventure series “Godzilla” for Columbia/Tri-Star TV.

His passion for baseball led to Field Producing for Los Angeles Dodgers pregame and postgame shows, including feature stories for Dodger Stadium’s 50th anniversary celebration and on-field player interviews. That passion continues as he seeks to produce his historical baseball/time travel fantasy “Casey & the Bostons” and begin a Casey franchise and quest to redeem America’s sports heroes.

As Story Editor and Staff Writer for the development of the Discovery Channel’s series “Final Hour” he wrote material on the science of climate change and the solutions in renewable energy. It began his dedication to environmental stories and his newest material springs from that passion, the action thriller “The Solar Effect”.


He produced and directed a “Special Delivery” Presentation Reel for his script on lost Vietnam letters and written scripts as diverse as the romantic comedy “An American Girl” and the Russian Revolution drama “Brothers of Russia” and developed as a producer the Sci-fi thriller “One of Us”. He’s developed features with producers at Universal, Warner Brothers and Independents and was a quarterfinalist in the Motion Picture Academy’s Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship Program and a Semifinalist in Amblin Entertainment’s Chesterfield Writers Program. He serves as a story analyst for the Nicholl Fellowships to help discover new writers and was a screenwriting mentor at the non-profit Maisha Film Lab workshops in East Africa, also having taught taught screenwriting for UCLA Extension’s Writers Program.



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